Famous Hungarians the world can be proud of

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Famous Hungarians the world can be proud of

Wherever you go, you can easily find a famous Hungarian. Well, fame is relative, but whether or not you know these people, you have certainly come across some of the inventions or art they have contributed to the world. And what are these contributions? Find out now from our new page dedicated to famous Hungarians!

You can find famous Hungarians in every field of life

Medicine, science, business, acting and art are just some of the fields Hungarians are proud to have famous representatives in. Many of their inventions you use on a daily basis, probably without even realizing. For example, did you know that Vitamin C was discovered by a Hungarian scientist, Albert Szentgyörgyi? Or that the first modern computer was created with the help of a Hungarian polimath, John von Neumann? Or, to cite a more recent topic, that the mRNA technology used in one of the most efficient vaccines that fight the current coronavirus pandemic was patented by a Hungarian biologist, Katalin Karikó?

Are you interested in modern art? Victor Vasarely is the grandfather of op art. Do you like superhero movies? The trope of the “hero with a secret identity” was first created by a Hungarian writer, baroness Emma Orczy. Do you like to sing? Zoltán Kodály’s method for teaching the basics of music to young children is the standard in many countries around the world.

Celebrities with Hungarian roots

While the people on our list were born in Hungary, there are also many celebrities who were born abroad and lived their whole life away from the land of their ancestors and still cherish their Hungarian heritage. Fashion designer Calvin Klein, Hollywood star Drew Barrymore, or Gene Simmons, the bassist of KISS are just some of them.

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