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We offer assistance with all aspects of applying for Hungarian citizenship. We will be by your side through the application until you become a citizen. 
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List of Our Services

Citizenship application package: individual pricing, starting from EUR 2000 (+ 27% VAT if applicable)

We check whether you are eligible based on your knowledge about your ancestry, and whether the documents you have are sufficient. We assess your knowledge of Hungarian with respect to the citizenship interview requirements, and determine if you need extra preparation. We prepare your application package (documents you have to submit upon application), help you decide where to apply and how to book an appointment. We provide full support from step 1 to receiving your citizenship.

Citizenship eligibility consultation only: EUR 120 (+ 27% VAT if applicable)
Deductible from the citizenship application package.

We check whether you are eligible based on your knowledge about your ancestry, and whether the documents you have are sufficient. In case you are not eligible for citizenship based on ancestry, other options might also be available for you based on your history and your future plans. You can also become a resident of Hungary, which offers similar privileges but the requirements are different.

Hungarian Language Lessons (online or offline) specifically for Citizenship Interview

We work with language teachers specialized in preparing you for the citizenship interview, and offer tailored preparatory courses on- or off-line (with a usual maximum of 25 lessons required).

Genealogy Research and/or Acquiring Proof of Ancestry (if required): individual pricing starting at EUR 500 (+ 27% VAT if applicable)

If you do not have the necessary information or papers available, we will do the required family tree research (anywhere within present-day Hungary and even in former Hungarian territory, meaning the neighboring countries) and obtain proof of ancestry on your behalf. Our partner genealogist runs a pre-genealogy check to see whether your Hungarian ancestors' documents are still available or not.

Tax consultancy: on an hourly basis, EUR 100 / hour (+VAT if applicable)

Consult a taxation specialist to see if you will have any tax obligations in Hungary. (Recommended for those who intend to move to Hungary)

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