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Simplified naturalization is the name of the process through which you can apply for Hungarian citizenship if your parents and/or other ancestors were Hungarian citizens. It is simpler than “regular” naturalization, since you do not have to take a citizenship exam when you are applying.

A citizenship exam is necessary when you apply for Hungarian citizenship in the regular naturalization procedure. During a citizenship exam you will have to complete a test that shows the authorities how much you know about Hungarian history and culture. The language of the test is Hungarian, and it requires some preparation to learn all that is to know.

Just fill out our free online test that helps you determine if you are eligible and book a consultation for further advice.

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You should be able to book an appointment with the Consulate in Hungarian, then meet them for a short interview in which you say a few words about yourself, your family, and why you want to become a Hungarian citizen. If you are not sure you speak well enough, we can help you assess your language skills and even prepare you for the interview.

Regular naturalization involves a test on Hungarian history and culture, to be completed in Hungarian. As a result, since you are required to answer complex questions in written Hungarian, you are required to speak better in this procedure than in simplified naturalization.

The time frame of the procedure is about 8-12 months. If you want a Hungarian passport, you will have to request it separately, which will take 1-2 months to prepare.

If your children are minor (under 18), yes – they will have to complete a simplified procedure. If your children are already adults (18+), they will have to apply separately in the same procedure – as a result, they should preferably apply after you have received your own citizenship.

In that case you might be eligible for the process called “verification of citizenship”, which is even easier than simplified naturalization. Please ask for a consultation.

Hungary is located in central Europe, and has a mild climate. Its excellent infrastructure makes its living standards comparable to Western Europe while it is more affordable.
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If you are planning to generate income (start a business or find a job) in Hungary, you will probably be required to pay taxes here. If you do a lot of business internationally, you might want to consult a tax specialist – which we can arrange for you.

Anyone can buy property in Hungary, so you can purchase a home of your own even before you become a citizen. After you receive citizenship, the process will become even simpler for you.

If your application is based on Simplified naturalization or Verification of citizenship, then there is no stay requirement. If you want to be included in the public healthcare system or education, you should have an address in Hungary – so you should purchase or rent a home.

If your application is based on Naturalization, you need to be a permanent resident for at least 8 years, unless you’re married to a Hungarian citizen. Please book a consultation to find out more!

Once you receive the citizenship, it will be valid for your lifetime.