Hungarian citizenship application: Sidney’s story

2020 was a year of reflection for many of us. Sidney, for example, spent  a lot of time thinking about his Hungarian ancestry, and became interested in acquiring Hungarian citizenship. Because of that, he contacted Helpers Hungary to arrange his citizenship application. After submitting his request for citizenship, he sat down with our account manager Barbara to discuss his Hungarian ancestry, his reasons to apply for citizenship, and his experiences with the application process.

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11 April: the Day of Hungarian Poetry

Last Sunday was 11 April: the birthday of Hungarian poet Attila József and the Day of Hungarian Poetry. Usually, this date is celebrated with cultural events such as poetry recitals and book presentations, while some coffee shops let you pay with a poem instead of money. In this blog post, we explain the background of Hungarian Poetry Day and tell you how it was celebrated this year.

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Hungarian citizenship in 2021

Even during the current pandemic and the many uncertainties around us, getting Hungarian citizenship based on your ancestry continues to be a straightforward process, and an easy way to gaining EU citizenship.

Why to apply for Hungarian citizenship?

Hungary is a member of the European Union with no intention for leaving (the latest public opinion polls also say that support for EU membership is stronger than ever), and Hungarian citizens can live, work, and study anywhere in the European Union. As EU citizens, they are also allowed to travel without a visa to any countries of the Schengen zone, and several other countries. The Hungarian passport is the 10th strongest in the world, with visa-free access to 182 countries.

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