About Hungary

Becoming a Hungarian Citizen offers various benefits that make your life
simpler, safer, and lets you travel faster.

About Hungary


Travel visa-free, only with your Hungarian passport to 168 countries around the world, including the Schengen zone, the US, and Canada.
Moreover, wherever you fly in Europe, you can clear customs faster, through the lane designated to EU citizens.


You do not have to resign your original citizenship – simply have two citizenships from now on!

Education and healthcare

Hungary offers free education to its citizens – up to even university level. Affordable healthcare is also available for all residents of Hungary. Even if you choose private options for education or healthcare, they are more economical in Hungary than in Western Europe.


Learn more about where your family comes from, connect with your history and the culture of your ancestors.
Meet a 1,000-year-old country that gave so much to the cultural heritage of the world.

Safe environment

Hungary is a safe and pleasant place to live, study and work. Similarly to other European countries, privacy is taken very seriously. The information you share with us is strictly protected by GDPR guidelines.

Famous Hungarians

Hungary has given many well-known (and less well-known) figures to the world who contributed to the development of science, literature, music, and various other fields.
Get to know them here.

Hungary is located in Central Europe, and has a mild climate. Its excellent infrastructure makes its living standards comparable to Western Europe while it is more affordable.


Hungary is truly in the center of Europe, surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. Its wide plains make it traditionally strong in agriculture, while its modern infrastructure and skilled workforce make it an ideal center of various industries.


The capital of Hungary rests on the hills of Buda and the plains of Pest – formerly two separate cities on the two sides of the Danube. With its 2 million residents, it is the biggest city in Hungary, while it is still cozier than many Western European capitals. However, it is still a busy hub of economy and culture.


Just one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Hungary, the Tokaj wine region is famous for its excellent Aszú wine and its 1,000-year-old tradition of cultivating grapes and producing wine.


Jokingly referred to as “the Hungarian sea”, the coasts of Lake Balaton are popular vacation destinations both among Hungarian and foreign tourists. You can enjoy the water, the spas, go sailing, or even hiking in the surrounding hills, visiting old castles or long-established vineries.


Hungarian universities offer quality education, and attract many foreign students as well; especially the medical, veterinary and business schools are popular among them.


Hungary is rich in thermal springs. There is hardly any city without a spa. The more famous ones include Hévíz near Lake Balaton, the cave spa in Miskolctapolca, or the Hotel Gellért in Budapest.