Lavender fields in Hungary

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Lavender fields in Hungary

Lavenders have been long praised for their beneficial effects. In Hungary, there are various lavender fields where you can pick flowers on your own while admiring the beauty of the landscape.

Lavenders in Hungary

While lavenders are native to Europe, they arrived in Hungary only in the 18th century. The first and to date biggest lavender field was planted only a hundred years ago on the sunny slopes of Tihany, cultivated by the monks of the local Benedictine abbey.

Lavenders are mostly grown for their essential oils, known for their antiseptic and disinfectant effects, while they are also used in cosmetics for their fragrance. Lavenders also have a calming effect, and when dried, they are used in tea, or put into small sachets you can leave next to your pillow for a good night’s sleep – or in your wardrobe to keep clothes safe from bugs. At the same time, lavenders are also used in syrups, ice creams, or even as a spice.

Visit a lavender field and pick your own flowers

Lavenders bloom from June to July, and lavender fields are really spectacular. They are also popular hiking destinations as visitors are often allowed (for a fee) to pick lavenders they can later use as they please. If you are looking for a one-day adventure with family or friends where you can wander a bit in nature without going too far out into the wilderness, visiting a lavender field can be the excellent choice.

In Hungary, you can find many pick-your-own lavender fields (find a map here). Before you leave for your adventure, it is worth checking out the website or Facebook page of the field you intend to visit so you can confirm if it is indeed open for visitors or if lavenders are currently in bloom at that specific site. You should also check what facilities the site offers, and if you need to have any tools.

In most cases, you will need to bring your own shears, and you will most certainly be advised to bring a hat, water, and sunscreen, since there is no shade on the fields. At the same time, many sites will have a shop where you can buy sachets for the dried lavenders, or products made of lavender, such as lavender oil or lavender syrup. You can even find workshops where they can teach you some of the uses of lavender or other handy crafts.

Discover Hungary and your roots

Visiting lavender fields is a popular summer activity in Hungary. It is a more recent tradition, but it lets people enjoy the Hungarian landscape and take home some natural remedies. If you are new to Hungary, this is a great way to discover the country and its people.

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