Join our free webinar on Hungarian citizenship on 27 June 2023

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Join our free webinar on Hungarian citizenship on 27 June 2023

Do you have questions about how you could gain Hungarian citizenship? Now is your chance to ask an expert. Join a session with one of our experts on YouTube, ask your questions in the chat module, and learn everything you want to know.

Why is Hungarian citizenship great?

Hungary is a member of the European Union. As a result, Hungarian citizens can travel without a visa to any member state of the Schengen zone and some more: altogether 185 countries around the world. They may also decide to live and work wherever they want within the EU.

Hungary also allows dual citizenship, so new citizens may decide to maintain their original citizenship as well (unless the laws of that country say otherwise). At the same time, Hungarian citizens are not required to stay in Hungary or even Europe. Moreover, citizenship does not automatically create tax residency, so citizens do not normally have to pay taxes in Hungary after income generated elsewhere (this may depend on their country of origin or residence).

Since the latest major update to the Hungarian Citizenship Act in 2010, more than 1 million people received Hungarian citizenship, and many more are eligible. Becoming a citizen of Hungary is relatively easy, especially in comparison to the procedure in other EU member states.

Are you eligible for Hungarian citizenship?

There are several procedures in which you may obtain Hungarian citizenship.

  • Verification: for people who were once citizens but were stripped of citizenship when they left the country (typically between 1956 and 1990), or for people with at least one parent who is/was a Hungarian citizen
  • Naturalization: for people who have been living in Hungary for a prolonged time
  • Simplified naturalization: for people who have Hungarian parents, grandparents, or other ancestors

Our experts handle citizenship application cases on all three bases on the regular. They know the procedures inside and out, so they can guide our client from the very first step until they can pick up their Hungarian passport.

Ask your questions now

As a part of our Hungarian citizenship application package, we normally provide consultation about eligibility, which procedure to apply, and how to collect relevant documents. Now you get to ask your questions from one of our experts during a live webinar, for free.

Please note that participating in this session cannot replace a personal consultation. However, you can still learn more about each procedure, and get a better understanding of what to expect. Also, please make sure not to share any sensitive information about yourself during the session, since that will be publicly available to all viewers.

Before or after the session, you are also welcome to check out our eligibility test, which is completely free of charge, and gives you a better understanding of what you need for each procedure in just a few minutes.

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Our free webinar will take place on YouTube Live on 27 June 2023, Tuesday, starting at 4 pm CEST, and we are planning to go on for an hour or so. Click the button below to go to the event, subscribe to our channel, and click “Notify me” under the video to get a reminder when the event starts. You can ask your questions through the chat module next to the video until the end of the event.