Hungarian citizenship for children

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Hungarian citizenship for children

Many of our clients applying for Hungarian citizenship ask us whether their children can apply for citizenship together with them – to phrase it more generally, whether the children of an applicant can get Hungarian citizenship through the parent. 

Are my children eligible for Hungarian citizenship?

If you are eligible for Hungarian citizenship through ancestry, your children will have the same basis for application. 

  • If they are minors (they are younger than 18 years), they can be included in your application, which means that you can submit the application together. 
  • If they are over 18 (so they are adults according to Hungarian regulations), they will need to apply separately. 

Based on which family member should my adult children apply for Hungarian citizenship?

Your adult children may apply based on the same ancestor(s) like you. However, if they apply only after you are granted Hungarian citizenship, a reference to you may be added to their application, which will strengthen their case. As a result, sometimes we advise that adult children apply for Hungarian citizenship only after the main applicant has become a Hungarian citizen.

Is there a language requirement for minor children?

During the simplified naturalization procedure, you (and your adult children) will be asked to have a short interview with the Hungarian consul, where you will be talking about yourself, your family, and why you want to become a Hungarian citizen. 

  • If your children are younger than 14 years, they do not have to be present at the interview. 
  • If your children are between 14 and 18, they can still apply for citizenship together with you, but they will have to go to the interview with you, and they will also be asked a few questions in Hungarian, which they will have to answer in Hungarian.

What if I don’t have a Hungarian ancestor, but I have been living in Hungary for a very long time? Can my children become Hungarian citizens?

If you have been living in Hungary for a long time but your children are not Hungarian citizens, there are several factors that can affect whether your children are eligible for Hungarian citizenship or not. Our citizenship experts are happy to review your and your children’s case and find the best solution for you.