Do I need to speak Hungarian in order to become a Hungarian citizen?

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Do I need to speak Hungarian in order to become a Hungarian citizen?

Whether or not you are required to speak Hungarian for your citizenship application depends on the procedure you are applying in. Each procedure has their own requirements, including (or not including) language skills.

Our citizenship experts are happy to help you select the procedure that is right for you.

There are various procedures of Hungarian citizenship application– the procedure you choose will depend on your background. The language requirement is in line with the other requirements and time spent in touch with Hungarian culture.

  1. When you are verifying your Hungarian citizenship(e.g. if your parents left Hungary when you were a small child), speaking Hungarian is not necessary. If you include all relevant documents, you can submit your application in English.
  2. When you are applying for Hungarian citizenship based on your ancestry in the procedure of simplified naturalization, you have to demonstrate a basic knowledge of Hungarian. No one will ask you for a certificate in Hungarian, but you do need to be able to present your application in Hungarian while submitting it. For this, a conversational level is more than enough: note that the officer or the consul will talk to you only in Hungarian.
  3. You can apply for regular naturalization in case you have been holding a Hungarian address card for at least 8 years. Before you can apply, you have to pass a citizenship exam where you have to demonstrate your knowledge of Hungarian history, culture, and fundamental laws, both orally and in writing. For this, you will need strong Hungarian language skills. When submitting all relevant documents, your certificate of this exam should also be included.

Hungarian language course as needed

Our citizenship experts will not only help you select the procedure right for you, but they can also introduce you to a trusted partner who can survey your Hungarian language skills and give you lessons to reach the level necessary for your specific application procedure.

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